Sunday, March 8, 2009

Be Your Own Censor

There is a serious amount of negative news these days about the employment picture. Job less rate is rising, employers have hiring freezes, it is tough to not read or hear something about it anytime you tune into TV or pick up a newspaper. Here is a word of warning. Be careful what you plug into. Some media outlets will go out of their way to find the good news or positive stories. Others will focus on the doom and gloom because bad news sells.

When things get a little down or tight, it is good time to become your own censor. Be aware of what you are reading, watching or listening too. If you continue to gravitate to the negative you will BE in the negative. Let’s face it, a person needs listen to a little news on the radio, or wherever, so they have some clue as to what is going on, just don’t over due it. If you are focused on the positive aspect of being on a job search for that fresh new career to revitalize you as a person, you don’t need the negative energy that can assault your senses through the media.

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Glen Slingerland


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