Sunday, December 14, 2008

Practice, practice, practice

There is a saying that goes like this; the résumé gets you in the interview and the interview gets the job. If you worked hard to perfect your résumé and target it specifically for a desired position then same thing needs to happen for the interview.

There is another saying that goes; how do you get to Carnegie Hall. Answer; practice, practice, practice. The best way to practice is with a friend. Have someone ask you questions about your work experience as it relates to the job you are going after. Something I used to do prior to an interview was find a quiet place to write out the answer to the question – Tell me about yourself. I had this belief that if I got through that question smoothly right off the top, the rest of the interview would go well. There are other things you can do prior to your big interview such as popping into your local library and picking up any one of the hundreds of interview question and answer books. Just taking an hour to go through one of those books gets you into the interview mind set.

If you are unemployed, book an appointment with an employment counsellor. They can work one on one with you on your interview technique or register you for a job search workshop that includes mock interviews.

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