Friday, November 21, 2008

Box Numbers and Fax Numbers

Every once in awhile we see ads in the paper for what sounds like an awesome job, unfortunately all they offer as contact info is a fax number or a box number. Personally, those ads drive me nuts. How can anyone respond to a job advertisement with so little info to go on? Secondly, why would anyone want to send them all their personal information, résumé etc, without knowing who they are sending it to?

Here are a couple of suggestions. Try doing a search on the fax number. Sometimes it’ll lead you right to the company where you can at least do a little research before applying. You might also learn it is a company you would rather not waste your time on. If nothing turns up for the fax number or it is a box number, you might try writing a killer cover letter explaining how you may be a good match for this position. Give them some solid reasons, but not too many, that may entice them to want to find out more. Include in your letter that you would be happy to forward a detailed résumé once you know a more about the company and position. If they don’t respond to that, then they are probably a company you wouldn’t want to work for anyway.

Sometimes I think those ads are placed because it is a policy to advertise the position, but they have no intention of actually interviewing anyone. Remember, it is your job search, so be in control and stay in your power.

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At January 12, 2009 at 9:37 AM , Blogger Grandcherokee said...

It has also been my experience that companies who do this are small companies, less then 15 employees, who have no human resources people to spend the time sorting through the resumes.
Having said that. There are also a number of bad companies to work for in Chilliwack who do this on a regular basis. You do not know who you are dealing with until it is time to go in for an interview. That 'killer' cover letter sounds like a good idea. Get it in there and sound them out! Your time is just as important as theirs

At January 14, 2009 at 9:11 AM , Blogger Grandcherokee said...

Just to add. A number of jobs, even those jobs advertised by recruiters seem to turn up again..and again...every few weeks! What is that about?
You already sent in your resume, and know that you could do this job easily, but you do not even get an interview. There is no recourse, I mean there is no one to phone, fax, or email, except the recruiter. Just as you figure this great job is gone....a few weeks later there it is in the paper again. And still no call in for an interview. You even apply for it again, but to no avail. Once an ad had expired does the employer just toss all of those resume in the trash, only to have the recruiter collect more all over again? Or is there some game going on here?


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