Friday, January 30, 2009

Where is the fun?

There is a fish market in Seattle with job applications stacked to the ceiling from people eager to work there. Yes, a Fish Market. Why? Because the people who work there, have fun. Not only do they have fun, they put on a show for every customer buying a fish. Who would have thought that buying fish for dinner could become an unforgettable event? They believe that through their work they can improve the quality of life for others. Corporations now hire the Pike Place Fish Market to come in and show their employees how to have fun at work. These same corporations pay big money for this service. Having fun at work has made the employees who work in a fish market world famous.

I think the underlying message here is “attitude”. What is your attitude about work? What is your attitude about the place that just let you go? What is your attitude about the next place you want to work? It is impossible to find a job that will be fun when you are angry or resentful. Be fun; reflect fun and you’ll attract fun.

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Glen Slingerland


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